Quoin Stone

Our range of stick on Quoinstones come in 3 different sizes to suit different heights to which your building is built;


  • The tallest Quionstone is 292mm high and is most suited to a 2 storey dwelling.
  • Our medium size Quoinstone is 255mm high and is most suited to storey and a half dwellings.
  • Finally the smallest Quoinstone is 215mm high and is most suited to single storey dwellings.


All quoins are 460mm on the long side and 230mm on the short side. We typically make Quoins in ordinary cement colour but they can be made in sand stone effect or any colour the customer desires

(please note we will not make coloured quoins using any form of dye. We only use natural coloured sand and gravel as dyes will fade in a short space of time)


As you can see Quoins are made to the highest standard possible and will add an excellent feature to the exterior of your dwelling.